Series Rules

For the Love of Competition

2019 CNY Cup Cyclocross Points Series Purpose: Throwdown between the best of the best of CNY.

Cyclocross racing Categories for 2019 will be:

1. Open Men

2. Open Women

3. Cat 3/4 Men

4. Cat 4 Men

5. Cat 5 Men

6. Cat 4/5 Women

7. Masters 35+

8. Masters 45+

9. Masters 55+

10. Single Speed Men

11. Single Speed Women

12. Fat Tire Men

13. Fat Bike Women      

14. Junior Men 9-14

15 Junior Men 15 to 18

16. Junior Women 9-14

18. Junior Women 15-18


Points will be award as follows:

1st place 15 points  

2nd place 12 points

3rd place 10 points

4th place 8 points

5th place 7 points

6th place 6 points

7th place 5 points

8th place 4 points

9th place 3 points

10th place 2 points

All others will receive 1 point for completing a race

New this year each racer will drop points for ONE of their lowest-placed or missed races.  This will allow for that "bad day" or a day that you can't attend to not hurt your final total as bad. (DNF count as a zero) In other words your best 9 out of 10 races


2019 Participating races:

1. August 24th Syracuse Bicycle CX Festival Day 1

2. August 25th Syracuse Bicycle CX Festival Day 2

3. September 1st Bonkwerx CX at the clear path for Veterans

4. September 15th Kirkland CX - NYS CHampionship

5. September 29th Cross Out Child Abuse

6. October 12th Finger Lakes Cross

7. October 19th Salt City Day 1

8. October 20th Salt City Day 2

9. October 27th Dave Panella Memorial

10. November 3rd Cider Cross

Series Rules:

1. Awards for the top 3 riders in each category will be presented at the final race of the season

2. Riders are responsible for entering the appropriate category and\or age grouping

3. A rider may enter multiple categories and earn points in that category.

4. Points in a similar category do not count in another (example for CAT 4 Men - Cat 4/5 Men points do not count in the 3/4

    Men category)

5. Age is based on your USA Cycling age.

6. Open Category Races will include all categories Men Cat 1 to Cat 5, Women Cat 1 to Cat 5.

7. Masters races will be divided as 35+ 45+ and 55+

Please understand in NO WAY does CNY CUP dictate to a race promoter on how they should run there event.  If an event does not have a specific category then there will no points award for that category for the CNY CUP.  For example race A does not have a 3/4 men's race then there will be no points 

Year-end ties will be broken in order as follows:

A. Winner of the final race of the series.

B. Winner of the most races in head-to-head competition.

C. Cumulative total wins for the season in all races

D. Head to Head 1 lap race at the final race of the season

E. Coin Toss

Results will be updated and posted to the site and to the CNY Cyclocross Facebook Page

DNF = Will result in 0 points DNS = Will result in 0 points

**Since the final results for the CNY CUP will be based on individual results from each of the participating races it is the responsibility of each racer to make sure their results are correct at the end of the 15-minute protest period allowed by USA Cycling.

If the results are finalized and posted these are the results, we will be used to calculate points for the points series


PreVious Results

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