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LOVE IT or HATE IT - Cyclocross can certainly grab your attention, get under your skin and into your blood! 

It's all those things you weren't allowed to do as a kid; play in the mud, be outdoors when it's cold and in general beat the snot out of yourself both literally and figuratively.​

The last 10 years or so has seen an explosion of people participating in or spectating at a cross race, that's certainly no different here.  

In Central New York we're a growing family of folks that love to ride their bikes through, on and into things.   So come on out and join the family!


CNY Cup Cyclocross Points Series

The purpose of the CNY Cup Cyclocross Points Series is to grow participation in the fastest growing form of competitive cycling – Cyclocross. Also to promote and improve the quality of individual events in Central New York.   


The series is TEN races in and around Central New York State.

​​Syracuse Bicycle CX, BonkWerx CX at Clearpath, Kirkland CX, Cross Out Child Abuse, Finger Lakes Cross, Dave Panella Memorial Race, Salt City day 1 and 2, with the final race as of this time being Cider Cross.

Points will be awarded based on the overall finishing placement of participants in each race they compete in.  The top 3 points holders receiving awards in their respective events categories at the end of the series.

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